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Anchors Away

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Whether caring for your home, your pets, or both, we're here to help

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Dear Neighbor,

As owner of Anchors Away Home & Pet Care LLC, I am committed to our core values to provide partnership, professionalism, service, and trust. These core values rest on the shoulders of purpose.

Originally from Louisville, I moved to Anchorage in 2007 when my oldest son started Kindergarten at Anchorage School. The same son was diagnosed with Leukemia in high school. His journey has left a lifelong impression on me.

My purpose for forming Anchors Away is to serve the community through home and pet care services. I also strive to help support local families as they manage the struggles of childhood cancer. Therefore, each September, our Go Gold campaign will donate a portion of proceeds to Norton Children‘s Cancer Institute, 7 West.

I am an experienced caregiver, customer focused and excited to help make your life easier. Through our trusted partnership, our Anchors Away team will respect and never compromise your privacy. We are dependable, honest, and loving, with flexibility to offer care for your home, your pets, or both.

From the high energy puppy, to the senior pet requiring extra assistance or medicine, to caring for your home while away, we’ll work with you to personalize services to meet your needs.

Thank you for putting your trust in Anchors Away, we truly value you.

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Anchors Away!

Shay Dixon

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Fully licensed, insured and bonded

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Extensive background checks

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Certified professional pet sitters


Pet first aid & pet CPR certified

Member of Pet Sitters International, the world's leading educational organization for professional pet sitters since 1994.

Here we grow in Asheville, NC!

Anchors Away Home & Pet Care is elated to grow in one of the most welcoming and vibrant cities in America, Asheville, NC. The Anchors Away staff is excited to serve the Asheville community through customized home and pet care needs.

Complete the form below to Get Started. Don't hesitate to Contact Us with any questions at all, we're here to help!

Traveling with the pet.

dog walking & Play services

Dog Walking

Daily Dog Walking

30-minute walk & play in your neighborhood. With our mobile app, you'll be able to see when we arrived, departed, and route we walked! Focused, solo puppy walks available for higher attention, behavior and training reinforcement.

$22 per 30 minutes

includes two dogs (limit) or solo puppy


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Drop-In Pet Visits

Perfect for a midday check-up. Drop-ins are fully customizable to meet your pet's needs.

$22 for 30 minutes | $35 for 45 minutes | $45 for 60 minutes

Includes two pets, +$5 if more than two


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Local Pet Taxi

We'll transport and accompany your pets, as needed, to and from appointments such as grooming, veterinarian, or playdates.

$30 per roundtrip

Includes two pets (limit)


handwritten trip

Field Trip

There are times when company in our homes is stressful for our pets. Maybe you have a home showing, a party, or scheduled workers at your home. We'll have a fun day out and will work with you for specific pick up and drop off times.

$80 for minimum 2-hour booking | +$40 each additional hour includes two pets (limit)



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Bed & Breakfast

This is perfect for some love, potty break, and exercise before bed and first thing in the morning. Two hours in the evening and one hour the following morning. Includes general tidiness of your home.*

$90 per night

Includes two pets, +$5 if more than two


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A sitter will be in your home from bedtime until breakfast (8 pm - 7 am) to provide full attention, love, and exercise for your pets. Additional time may be booked as a Drop-In Pet Visit or Live-In Care). Includes general tidiness of your home.*

$110 per night

Includes two pets, +$5 if more than two


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Live-In Care

A sitter will live at your home for a 24-hour period to provide round-the-clock care, attention, and exercise for your pets and oversight of your home. Includes general tidiness of your home.*

$180 per day

Includes two pets, +$5 if more than two


*In-home pet sitting services includes general maintenance and tidiness (not deep cleaning) of your home, such as:

  • Temperature/general condition of home
  • Bring in mail, deliveries & trash, as needed
  • Pet and sitter cleanup
  • Launder any used towels or linens from your sitter's stay and ensure kitchen is returned to how it was found
  • Vacuum or sweep floors to minimize pet hair buildup

Home Care with or without pets

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Drop-In Home Visits

Even if you don't have pets and still want peace of mind your home is cared for when you're away, you can customize Drop-In Home Visits to meet your needs.

With our mobile app, you'll be able to see when we arrived, departed, and you'll get a full update on the condition and services performed at your home.

$50 an hour


Examples of Drop-In Home Visits:

  • Check home temperature & condition
  • Bring in mail, deliveries & trash
  • Launder dirty towels and bed linens, ensure beds are clean and made for your return
  • General clean up and tidiness of kitchen (not deep cleaning)
  • Water plants
  • Be present for other home services, such as:
    • Cable
    • Internet
    • House cleaners
    • Lawn
    • Remodel, construction or designers
  • Light pool maintenance, such as:
    • Check and adjust chemicals
    • Check water level & re-fill
    • Clean baskets
    • Clean pool debris
    • Backwash, as needed
  • Grocery pick-up & restocking
    • Requires online grocery app, such as Kroger ClickList, Amazon, Target, etc.

Pet customers: You can purchase Home Care Service Drop-In visits as an add-on to your existing Pet Care & Sitting Service. Some Home Care services may already be included in your pet care booking.*

Additional 20% is added to services booked on the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Kentucky Oaks, Kentucky Derby, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving & Christmas.

Get Started

Follow simple steps to get started with Anchors Away Home & Pet Care!

  • Start by completing an Interest Form.
  • Once submitted, we’ll contact you to find out more about your needs.
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Meet & Greet

  • We’ll schedule a Meet & Greet, at no cost, to review logistics, further assess your needs, and meet you and your pet(s) to ensure we’re a good match! Meet & Greet is usually 15-30 minutes.
  • Once complete, you're ready to start services!
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Get Time To Pet Client App

  • You'll receive a sign-up email to activate your Anchors Away account on our Time To Pet portal
  • With Time To Pet, it's easy to schedule or modify services, and we'll share updates, our GPS walking route, check-in and check-out times, and pictures!
  • You can use the same login credentials on the Time To Pet Client App, available on Apple App Store or from the Google Play Store
  • We encourage use of the Time To Pet Client App for the best and most comprehensive experience, but not required

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Don't hesitate to Contact Us with any questions at all, we're here to help!

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